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Mascara for Every Eye Shape: Find the Right One

We all have different eye shapes, and the shape of our eyes often dictates what kind of mascara we should use. But which one is right for you?  In this blog post, I’ll break down the three most popular eye shapes: round, almond-shaped, and monolid.

What are the different eye shapes

Eye shapes can be categorized in a few different ways. One way is by looking at the width of your eyes relative to their height. Round eyes are wide and short, almond-shaped eyes are long with a slant up towards the temples. Square-shaped eyes have straight lines across the top that create an angle when they get close to the temples. Finally, elongated or oblong-shaped eyes are tall and narrow.

Another way to categorize eye shapes is by looking at what kind of eyelids you have: hooded lids cover more area than wings do, while monolids don’t have any lid above them at all! The final classification method for eye shape is about how far apart your pupils sit on either side.

Choose Mascara for Your Eye Shape

People with different eye shapes have different needs when it comes to mascara. Curly lashes need a volumizing mascara that will hold a curl and give volume, while straight lashes typically need lengthening mascara. Round eyes can use either type, but hooded eyes should avoid using waterproof mascaras to irritate, leading to more eye problems like puffy-looking eyes or dark circles under the eyes. Women with round eyes can typically wear any mascara without issue, but some may prefer volumizing or lengthening products depending on their desired look. The best way to make these types of lashes pop is with black mascara that gives a little bit more length than curl.

different eye shapes

It seems like every eye shape has its own unique makeup needs. From those with almond-shaped eyes to round eyes, there are many different styles of mascara that will work for you, depending on your individual needs. A woman’s eye shape can be determined by the distance between her eyebrows, the length, and thickness of her eyelashes, and how close or far apart they are. The different mascaras are not just designed to lengthen, volumize, or curl lashes but they also come in formulas specifically formulated for each eye shape.